Dental Technology

As with every medical profession, dentistry is reliant on technology to deliver the best care and the best results. We do not view the latest technology as a luxury. Rather we understand its potential and therein the necessity.

Digital Radiography

The emergence of digital radiography into dentistry has transformed a fundamental aspect of dental care. Prior to its development, most of us can recall the traditional method of taking x-rays via film. Digital radiography is a radical departure from that process.

Now, as you recline in the dental chair, digital images are taken with an intraoral camera that are, within seconds, displayed on a computer screen which you can view as Dr. Spalten describes your current dental condition.

Convenience aside, there are other important advantages. Radiation is reduced by as much as 90%. Coupled with computer hardware technology, continuing improvements in software analysis of these images are aids to Dr. Spalten’s skills in making various determinations.

Those determinations cover the presence of a cavity at a minute stage, bone level and health, and the oondition of roots and nerves of your teeth.

Envision A Smile – Digital Imaging

Digital imaging, as applied here, allows us to take a current photo of your smile and create a digitally enhanced view. For example, if you were considering veneers for making changes to your smile this process could quickly demonstrate the difference with before and after photos.

Envision A Smile is the name of a system and software that enables a patient to simulate and preview various cosmetic changes to their smile. At Dental Professionals of San Antonio we can also create (burn) a CD or print photographs which you can take home to aid in making a decision.


At Dental Professionals of San Antonio we employ a technology for detecting tooth decay that is dramatically more thorough than the traditional method of the metal probe that most all of us know so well.

The metal probe still has its use, to be sure, but Diagnodent, with its laser diode probe, can find even the most visually imperceptible points of decay which are typically located in the fissures and occlusal areas of the teeth.

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