Patient Testimonials

How was your visit? Let us know about your experience. Below are some testimonials of our patients. We’ve also provided links for reading other testimonials and a way to post a testimonial at an independent site.

It’s about time I wrote and thanked you for helping me for the last 20 or so years to keep my teeth in such good shape.  Your expertise and care for your patients, and me in particular, has been a source of comfort and relief.

Beyond your talents, I’m routinely impressed with each one of your cohort.  Everyone is courteous, professional, personable, and talented.  It is clear that you have melded them into a finely-tuned team, not an easy task, that has nothing but the patients’ welfare as their primary concern.  Your office is much like the old Cheers TV show: everybody knows not only the names, but maintains a convivial atmosphere for the patients.

“convivial atmosphere”

Dr.Spalten and his team. What an oasis to a 6-month newcomer to San Antonio. Despite needing some minor dreaded dental work, I must admit that I couldn’t feel more confident, comfortable and happy with any other dentist or team. Everyone is sincere, honest, extremely knowledgeable, and cutting edge. Dr. Spalten’s experience is evident, as is his desire to care for his patients in the best way paossible with the most advanced technology — “uber” knowledgeable staff, lasers to help identify cavities that could otherwise be missed, digital photos displayed on huge sony flat screens to help explain dental issues, the same flat screens with cable tv to keep updated on the news while undergoing dental treatment, and a super-fast x-ray system that helps cut down on those irritating ‘bite-wing’ thingies. oh, did I fail to mention the icing on the cake – a customized welcome plate/sign, welcoming me to the office, and a wonderful insulated mug. Thank you everyone!


Best dental office I’ve ever been to, Really! Always feel comfortable coming here. Dr. Schutt is my dentist from now on. She is very professional, courteous and capable dentist. All of my dental issues were addressed and resolved quickly and efficiently, Thanks.

“Terrific staff!”

I was visiting a relative when a problem arose with my teeth. The Dentist office got me in the same day and treatment was exemplary as was the doctor and his office staff. I was really impressed with the doctor and his bed-side manner! I would Strongly recommend Dr. Spalten.

“I would Strongly recommend Dr. Spalten.”

Dr. Spalten is absolutely the very best! He is a genuinely caring health care professional who puts the interest and concern for his patients as his top priority. I can attest to this based on my personal experience with Dr. Spalten. I do not know any dentist who would meet a patient at their office on a Sunday afternoon which happened to be Christmas Eve to care for a problem that had developed. Some years ago while having some rather extensive dental work done, that is exactly what Dr. Spalten did for me. He was concerned that he would not be accessible during subsequent days of the Christmas Holiday Season and he did not want to take a chance on my being uncomfortable and in pain whiile he was away. Dr. Spalten met me at his office….

“Dr. Spalten is absolutely the very best!”

Your office rocks!!!! Use me as a reference anytime. I’m a very demanding customer and a marketing executive constantly on the look out for ‘greatness’. I rarely feel service and PR are as good as they could be/should be. Not in this case – no complaints/no suggestions – just a very satisfied customer. Thanks you!

“Your office rocks!!!!”

Your office’s technology is state-of-the-art and the patient treatment is impeccable and professional.

“Your office’s technology is state-of-the-art “

Wonderful service and staff. I was a bit leery at first knowing what needed to be done, but once I met Dr Spalten and his staff they put my worries to rest. Everything went smoothly and I was not worried about them getting it right the first time! I would recommend them for any dental work you may need done, they are very patient and caring!

“Wonderful service and staff”

I have always had a great experience at Dr. Spalten’s Office. the staff is always so warm and friendly. Dr. Spalten is the best dentist you will find anywhere. Before I started going to Dr. Spalten, I was actually so scared of going to the dentist that I put off dental work a long time. Debra , the office manager was instrumental in getting me there. Jennie made me feel very comfortable in the dental chair from the get go. My teeth cleaning was very through. Thanks to everyone ! p.s. I do like the text reminder for the appointment.

“I have always had a great experience at Dr. Spalten’s Office”

Your staff are VERY friendly and VERY helpful. Always available to answer questions of concern. Thank you Dr. Spalten, Jenni and Dana!

“Your staff are VERY friendly and VERY helpful”