Laser Dentistry San Antonio

The Benefits of Lasers

A Bit of History

Laser technology in all of its uses has been with us for decades and its use in dentistry extends back to the early 1990’s. Despite approval by the FDA – Food and Drug Administration, only about 5% of dentists employ it in their practice.

This is directly attributable to cost which can reach as high as $50,000 for some systems. Dental lasers are comprised of a family of instruments. Different types are employed for different treatments. All lasers require eye protection which are provided for you.

They can be described in technical terms as diode, Nd:YAG, carbon dioxide, and erbium lasers. A given type can be used for more than one procedure.


The range of treatments in laser dentistry and their benefits are many. Those treatments relate to the areas of tooth decay, gum disease, lesion removal, and teeth whitening. Further uses of laser include the process of veneer placement and dental bonding.

Diagnodent, one of the laser instruments used by Dr. Spalten, can identify extremely small points of decay in the fissures of a tooth. Lasers can reshape and contour the gum line and improve the appearance of a so-called gummy smile.

In teeth whitening, the bleaching agent is activated by the laser to facilitate the process. For gum disease, the surgical use of lasers can minimize bleeding, swelling, and discomfort.

Dental lasers minimize bacterial infections with the beam sterilizing the area being affected. They can treat lesions, cold sores, and are suitable for the removal of benign oral tumors.